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reflection of life

so i’m approaching another birthday. i seem to see it as if it was a titter totter 40 45 centre point 50, 50 55 60 so forth. so tomorrow ill be exiting the pivotal point, the centre my 55 and turning 56, i have a choice to see as if its down hill or uphill hummmm

i try to put myself together polished to help boost beauty, vanity possibly and my sense of self, as i curl my hair and see my nail polish shrinking and chipped, who notices these things other than me, really.

ahhh to age gracefully as my body feels at times its age and beyond due to some hard wild crazy times, my spirit still roars of that of a youthful women, tears of wasted years linger deep in the background as i pull myself out and try to immerse myself in gratitude for the moment i am in. and of course i have more to say about all this but for now i’m gonna go back to painting, maybe even pour myself a pink lemonade and vodka, to celebrate my birthday early and the coming of summer. Image